Founded in 1995, D’ziners is a Mumbai based architectural and interior design firm that specializes in Residential and Commercial projects.

Our practice has led us to design works not only all over in India but extend our wings internationally too. Our projects include Architectural design of various Bungalows and Interior works of Apartments, Bungalows, Offices, Medical Centers, Hospitals, Schools, Retail Stores, Banquets, Showrooms and many more.

Our goal is to be responsive to our client's needs, while bringing a high level of quality design to every project. Both as an Architect and Interior Designer we enjoy working at all scales of designs, from the beginning of a project concept to its value added end product.

Our success is reflected in the competitions and design awards that we have won and the satisfied clients that we continue to work with. Our practice strives to produce environmentally sustainable designs.

D'ziners Studio

D'ziners Studio is one of the exclusive showrooms showcasing a wide range of interior products.

Established in the year 2006 under the guidance of principal Architect Rajiv Shah, today it fulfills the requirement of every new and existing interiors such as Residences, Offices, Retail Stores, Banquets, Showrooms etc.

Our product range includes Soft Furnishings, Customized Furniture, Murals, Chandeliers, Floor Coverings, Stretchable Ceilings Etc.

The company’s well trained team, design and incorporate aesthetics to create the end product. Combining modernity and comfort, their style is influenced by the architecture around them, through the appreciation of art, theatre and textiles.

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